We are proud to announce that The Catering Carnival now offers cotton candy & gourmet popcorn catering! 

We offer Cotton Candy and Gourmet Popcorn Cart & Table Set Ups with commercial grade equipment. 

A trained, professional attendant is always on-site, operating our machines. 

We also offer customized items available for drop off catering! Please inquire today!  

Ready to book? Head over to our Contact Us page and inquire today!

Don't forget to ask us about our budget-friendly, drop off cotton candy & gourmet popcorn options! 

Popcorn Flavors & Toppings: 

Gourmet Cheddar 
Nacho Cheddar
​Chili Lime
Salt & Vinegar
Garlic Parmesan 
Sour Cream & Chives

Apple Cinnamon 
​Chocolate Chips
Peanutbutter Chips
​Yogurt Chips
Truffle Salt
​Bacon Bits 
Candied Bacon Bits
​Specialty Candy Bits 

Cotton Candy Flavors: 

Blue Raspberry
Pink Vanilla
Pink Bubble Gum
Purple Grape 
​Red Cherry
​Pink Watermelon
​Pina Colada 
​Green Lime 
​Mint Green 


Our Cotton Candy Catering starts at $150 per hour (minimum of 2 hours). 


Personalized Table or Cart Setup With All Supplies Included 
Up to 120 servings of Cotton Candy
One Cotton Candy Flavor (additional flavors available for an additional fee) 
One Trained Attendant
Regular White Paper Cones

​All you need to provide is an electrical outlet! We provide the rest. 

Our Popcorn Catering starts at $10 per head (minimum of 40 people). 


Personalized Table Setup With All Supplies Included 
Five Popcorn Seasonings Toppings
One Trained Attendant
Popcorn Bags 
Butter Topping

​All you need to provide is an electrical outlet! We provide the rest.